Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weekend to Weak day?

Does anyone think that Mondays feel different than other days of the week. While I do and here is the clip that proves it. I haven't had a weekend in over 6 months. I think I forgot what one feels like. Does life ever slow down once you have kids?

This clip will show you how close one man came to almost losing his life. Makes you think.

Little Rhett man got to come home from the hospital today. Got home after work (10:30pm) and checked on him. Sleeping like a log with the cat. It just seems like the know that Rhett isn't feeling well and he stays with him until he feels better. What a great cat we have.

Here at the Bird house we have many different animals. My life long goal is to own a pet store. I read an article in the paper today that said pet ownership is up 56% to 63% from just 5 years ago. The article went on to say that it is expected to keep increasing as we have introduced many different exotic pets to a already long list of animals available in the pet trade. These pets are becoming easier and easier to get as individuals learn how to breed them and produce healthy attractive animals. I think a pet store is still in my future, a store front that is.

Today I am grateful for Garfield the cat. What a great way to get feeling better by someone (or thing) loving on you all day, and all night. Has anyone seen my kittens?