Sunday, November 16, 2008

Be Happy

Today we were going to celebrate Pam's birthday (it was last Wednesday). I got a call last night reminding me of a commitment I made to my cousin. The commitment is that I run his holiday art store in the mall every Sunday starting today. The mall is only open for 6 hour so I thought no big deal I can do both. Went to work and sold a whopping 15 dollars in art. Got home about 6:30pm eat dinner then played slap the bunnies with Pam and her sister Kristie. While my next day off will be thanksgiving (I hope can sleep in). The next day off will be Christmas. This is a lot of work for very little gain. The good news is that starting in January I'll get started on the calender project. I'll post picture for voting later this week. While off to bed.

Any of you readers here in Utah Check out the Artist Corner in the Provo Town center Mall. Even if you don't buy anything its cool to just check out all our local artist and more.

Today I am grateful for lazy days. I know that if I get one in the next month and a half I am going to take full advantage.


Brent & Jodie said...

Andy, I still need to send you a pic for the calender. Do I still have time?? :)