Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Best Friends:

Today I am grateful for Home cooked Sunday dinner, and my 2 best friends.

I have to tell you I never thought that Pam (my wife) would really be my best friend when I married her. I think I was still living in a cave and thought that women cooked, cleaned, and scratched my back every night, because that's what they liked to do. No mater what happens in our lives I still want to spend lots of time with her (She might not think so). Working long hour makes if very hard to come up with a date night, or even just go for a walk, just the two of us. Sundays are a great day, filled with lots of laughs. Most Sundays are spent here at home with Pam's Mom and Sister. Which both are very welcome in my home. Sunday night is game night. The kids just love the time spent together with great food and fun. One day everything should slow down and Pam and I will be able to have what I call best friend time(the one on one time we all need together). Anyone want 4 little monsters for a day?

My very close second best friend is my cousin Tim Bird. He owns and operates the Artist Corner(in Orem, UT). We met over 6 years ago at a family reunion. The reunion my dad should have been taking me to for year but never did(Sorry for the negative)! I grow up and found out about the annual BIRD reunion and attended the next year. I got to meet new family members from all over the state of Utah, and some that had come a long long way. To make a long story short Pam now sends me to hang out with Tim every week. She calls it my "Tim time". Tim has taught me how to draw this year. He has also taught me how to run his Art store which I think is really cool. I like talking to his customers(other artist)and finding out what projects they are working on. Seeing some great completed works of are, and much much more. I just hope you all have someone or two in your lives that are a special to you as my best friends are to me.