Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Funnies

Today I've got 2 clips the first one is "fast food" and the other is a few tips on washing it all down.

Pam had the opportunity to go with some friend and see Carrie Underwood last Wednesday night. Boy was I on one. It's not Pam I worried about it's the horny drunk guys that might try and grope her. Man was I jealous, with a capital J. Anyone that knows me, knows I blow up like a balloon anytime one of Pam's old high school buddies comes around. So what if I suck in my gut and flex may arms and chest like King Kong or the Hulk. My only regret is that I don't get to take her out and show off how beautiful we are together. I guess Pam still gives me that same spark like the very first time I saw her, or stole my first kiss. I'm just glad she still lets me be a kid at heart.

Pam said I was feeling left out not getting comments on the blog. That is only half true. I just want all the negative ones. I'll respond to them. I'm the protector, or I'd like to think I am. Pam does one heck of a job watching out for our kids, Okay me too. With that said, I'll address the comments for those who looks at a glass half empty.

While we have re-homed Tank our male blue Tick hound. I think that this is a good thing as he has such a desire to hunt. He is with another hounds-man that needed a good dog to chase cougar this winter and bear this spring. I have been raising dog all my life and it is never easy to let any of them go. Even if they are not mine and I train them for a period of 3 to 6 months. I will miss Tank a great deal. I just don't have the time to train and hunt him. I need to spend the time I have available with Pam and the kids, which is not easy working 7 days a week. Do to my work schedule I have asked Pam to start working with Roxy and Princess. This is so that they can be together in the house. I just hope Princess doesn't eat Roxy in the process (Then we would have two dogs in one ha ha).

The Last Kiss Good Bye:

11/19/08 I am grateful for the setting sun. As it sets it takes our troubles away.

11/20/08 I am grateful for night (or sleep). This is where we gather our strength to face any challenge that is brought before us.

11/21/08 I am grateful for the rising sun in the morning. As its warming raise glow upon us we are filled with energy and joy.

11/22/08 I am grateful for the ability to blog. I know understand how relaxing it can be to put you thought and feelings down on paper (if you know what I mean). Blogging brings out all of our feeling, and lets us share with many many others.


momtojesse said...

You and Pam are amazing people and parents. I hope that my husband and I still have what you and Pam have after 10 years. I think if the people who leave the mean comments knew anything about you guys at all they would never leave the comments they do. It's great that you guys are willing to do whatever it takes to support your family and still have so much hope and a positive attitude.