Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reptile play time...

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Today we got to play with Nub. Nub is another red tailed boa (7 feet long and about 10 inch around). He came from a teacher that Dakota had last year. I'm not sure why I took that snake other than it will not cost us anything to keep it. The snake was kept in the class room so it's been around kids a lot. Rhett just loves this big guy. Every time the snake would move away from him, he would pull it back. The pictures Pam took don't even capture how much fun we were all having watching Rhett play with Nub. Rhett likes the soft smooth skin.
I've had a lot of interest in having me do some commission Art. I'll take on a few project, but you will have to be flexible on the completion time. I draw from references to insure I capture a likeness. I can draw most anything (people, animals, landscapes, etc.)
Cost: $20 for materials. TIME: $10 (to $15 per hr.) Depends on complexity of the project.
Too give you an idea of the time needed, I am scheduling myself 30 hrs per calender piece ($300 to $450). You can email me at if your interested. I will take on two or three project with a completion date of Feb. 1st. so they can be shipped and received by Valentines Day. I would have to start your project by mid. Dec. So don't wait until Dec. 15th to ask, or get a set price.

Anyone need a new necklace or hat?

I know not everyone likes reptiles as much as our family, but they are way fun. I've got 20 Bearded dragons I'm going to be selling between now and Christmas does anyone want one? I'll post pic's tomorrow. I'm selling them for $30 or two for $50. They will also be posted on in there classified section.
Today I am grateful for to many projects. I don't know if I could handle our lives slowing down even when I wish it would. I think some peoples plates are always over flowing.