Sunday, November 23, 2008

Anonymous Commenter Take #1

I wouldn't say this commenter is "horrible" at all. I just think they might be uneducated or mis-informed.

"I don't want to be one of those "horrible" anonymous commenter's, BUT when you get a pet, it should be for life. Is the male neutered? Maybe that's why he's getting out of the yard, it's sad he had a family and now will be thrown away and possibly euthanized, although you didn't really say what you were doing with him. Why would you want to make money of your pets? They should be companions, not money making objects. And to get rid of a dog just to get another? hummmm doesn't make sense. I love your blog I truly do, but I think this is wrong."

I guess I've just got to dive into this comment. First off, I'm reading between the lines in this comment saying they would rather send my family $500 a month so that I don't raise anymore animals (is that what I understand)? We all have different opinions, that doesn't make any one person right or wrong. Like I said before I've raised dogs all my life. Most of them being hounds, or bird dogs. While not everyone has the time to train there dogs to there full potential.
Before Rhett was born I spent countless hours raising and training dogs and horses, as the opportunity permitted. Between my uncle and I we had 10 dogs that we were working with at all times. When the dogs reached 2 to 3 years old the dogs were sold (re homed) to owners that needed trained dogs to hunt Cougar, Bob cat, Bear, Raccoons, and Water foul. One thing I found in each breed is desire. Some dogs have it, some dogs learn it, and some dogs never have it. The dogs that never had it were given to good family homes. The others were sold.

Tank was one with natural hunting desire. In the last 6 weeks he had killed 6 house cats, and 1 raccoon. These are the ones I know about. Do you think I like going to the neighbor and telling that there cat is dead? I was paid $150 for Tank. This covered the cost to have him neutered. Did I make any money off him, no. He is now with another hounds-man.

Providing an income for my family by buying and selling animals will not make me rich or pay for much but it keeps a roof over our head and the heat on. Live on a farm. You will buy and sell your pets daily (Even take them to the butch, and have them for dinner that night)!

Today I am grateful for individuals that don't second guess or try and read between the lines on a blog. Like I said we all have opinions, good and bad.

On a lighter note. Here is some cat fishing with some real men.


Pam said...

Testing to see if it goes to your email.......

My Three Sons said...

I have a friend that raises Labs and other hunting dogs. I know a lot of time goes into these dogs. He has done this for many years. It is a shame that people don't understand the revenue you can get out of it if you do stick with it. Hope you have better luck with your dog. Is there any reason he could have changed to this behavior? Is it just his instint from being trained to hunt? I have a bird dog and every once in a while he catches black birds in our back yard. I decided he thinks he is playing with them and doesn't know his own strength.

Shari said...

We have friends who raise Chihuahuas to help supplement their income. I guess I don't see the difference in breeding an animal for extra money or going and getting side work in a profession like my husband does to help fill the financial gaps. You are one amazing family and I appreciate how you address things on your blog.