Monday, November 17, 2008


Well it was bound to happen! Are you asking what was bound to happen? Well I'll tell ya. Our house has been invaded by a RAT DOG. Pamela has wanted a little dog since before we got our first dog Jax almost 7 years ago. I was raised around large dogs 70 to 100 lbs. and she was raised with little kick me rat dogs. I guess this is what I get for bringing snakey our 51/2 ft. red tailed boa home. Pam told me I'd never have a snake in her house. I told her the snake was for Chloee(Doesn't that make it okay?). I told her she would never own a kick me dog. Well I guess we were both wrong. Pam found this 1 1/2 year old Chihuahua (Rat Dog). This little girl (Rat Dog) is all good I guess. The dog will not come to me (I think that dog is really smart. The dog would make a great meal for Chloee's new snake) Ha, ha, ha. Well Rhett's crib was recalled so Pam took it back and got him a bed. Then Pam asked me to go get the bed out of the back of the truck. As I was going out the dog looked like it needed to go out and do its business, right? So I say "Pam I think your dog needs to go out" do you think she listened. HECK NO! So I come back in and the dog is running in circles and as I said it will not come to me. So I start telling Pam "your dog needs to poo", over and over about 10 times while she was down watching TV. She said she thought I was joking. No I was using my I told you so voice, which could sound a lot like my joking or just kidding voice. Well the dog needs to poo turned into "your dogs going to poo"(still with no response). Then" TOO LATE!!!, Pam, Pam, PAM! come clean up the poo"! Which she still didn't believe me until I told her again "I'm not kidding". "I'm not cleaning up a mess I told you was just going to happen". I've raised dogs all my life. They all do the same poo, poo dance. When it comes to animals you would think Pam would listen. Maybe next time her TV program might not be as important, ha, ha, ha. While I was typing this post the dog went under the desk and what can I say I kicked it. I told you it was a kick me dog. You never know where they are hiding.

This is what Pam's new Rat Dog looks like. This is not the actual picture of her. Watch for updates on Rhett's Journey. This is the actual picture of Chloee's snake that will be eating the rat dog soon.

Today I am grateful for all the I told you so's. I sure do love giving I told you so's out. All I've got to do now is not give Pam any reason to give me one. I told you so's sure are good for a laugh. I'm not going to let Pam live this one down for awhile.


Brent & Jodie said...

Please don't feed Roxy to the snake. LOL :) She is such a cute little thing. I wish we had one like her in our house. Brent would feel the same way you do, though!