Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rhett's Pet's

With the move just about a month away, I needed to figure out were all the breeding projects would be kept. While I have to say I started to go into panic mode. After talking with several people and looking into maybe renting a small space. I finally found a local pet store (Ange's for the love of pets) that had some room. This is an exciting step for me as I now have my foot in the door and heading in a direction toward my dream carrier. We are currently working out a partnership. Ange likes the dog, cat, bird, and supply part of the pet business, as I love the reptile, spider, scorpion, mouse, rat, and rabbits. With the breeding projects I've got going and the contacts I've made the past 3 yrs. I think I can fill the store with enough eye catching displays to encourage people to come by and take a look. The first conversation about the partnership were on Monday and the decision to work together was made by the two of us on Wednesday. I will not be moving the animals into the pet store until late Feb. early March. With very limited funds this small step will help create future opportunity for the growth of Rhett's Pet's. This is still just a part time thing, but I'm hopping it will evolve into much more. Wish me luck!

Here is a funny for the day.


Jeanette said...

Wishing you luck from across cyberspace. BTW, I was dying laughing at the video!! I had to back it up twice to get the full affect!